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K-Meleon is a free, easy to use and lightweight web browser
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K-Meleon is a free (GNU License), easy to use and lightweight web browser that works using Gecko engine (Mozilla rendering engine), this means that K-Meleon utilizes the same machinery used by Netscape or Mozilla to turn web pages into graphical views, but the rest is original work of the K-Meleon developers. One of the outstanding features is its speed (even faster than firefox), and the low system resources usage, which makes it to work perfectly on very old computers.

K-Meleon offers you a lot of features and great variety of possibilities. Similar to Firefox, you can handle many sites at the same time using the system commonly known as browsing "tabs". In this way, you can easily switch among the web pages with only one click on the tab that we want to go.

One of the main features of K-Meleon is the possibility for the user to customize it easily. You can edit your main menu by adding or deleting items you choose, access to any function from the toolbar or assign any shortcut to any function.
K-Meleon is a good alternative for those users who have slow machines and are looking for an option with powerful features like Firefox or Internet Explorer.

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