K-Meleon 76.2

Web browser based on the Gecko layout engine of Firefox
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K-Meleon Team

K-meleon is a tabbed web browser that includes mouse gestures released under the GNU (General Public License) meaning that the full source code could be accessed by any developer. It is a friendly-user program with an excellent performance and multiple options, where you can modify its appearance. It is based as other multiple browsers in the mozilla engine.

The program allows you to use your desire book marking system, you can use the favorites that you have of Internet Explorer, the Opera Hotlist or the bookmarks of Netscape/Mozilla. Also other features that we can mention are the unique macros plug-ins that expand its features and abilities.

The difference of the version 1.5 of the previous one is the improvement of its Unicode support, the CCS Ad-Blocking that could be enable or disable without restart, the ability of temporarily paused downloads to gain bandwidth for other tasks.

The skins and all the images of the browser could be changed. If you want to create your own skin, it also provides a tutorial skinning guide with instructions. Multiple users contributed with themes and skins that are available for download.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Friendly-User
  • Support IE Favorites and NS bookmarks and others
  • Good Performance


  • Based to be use only in Windows Operating systems
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